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Characterless Character // Heartbreaker

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

The series titled 'Characterless Character // Heartbreaker’ is an exploration of the anatomy of English alphabet through illustrations and typography. I have tried to weave a story together, piece by piece, with each letter revealing a part of this visual narrative. I have used illustrative innuendos to reflect upon the emotions of the recurring character – her struggle with loneliness and a constant need to take a walk down the memory lane to relive the time gone by. The colours used are representative of certain themes that I have tried to delve in throughout the sequence, like questions regarding sexuality, morality and a sense of impending doom.

The series begins with the close ups of the protagonist’s body parts, each fitting into the shapes of the alphabet, captioned individually to provide a build up for the viewer. As the sequence progresses one sees another character being introduced along with several other elements like a book, a cat, a glass of wine; there is also a change of setting of the place in these images that is indicative of character’s state of mind.

My aim is also to leave certain aspects of the work open to interpretation and give the spectator the freedom to either write her own fiction or gobble it up as a sensory treat.



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