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Reading Between The Lines - Phase I

Project Abstract

The nature of how books are consumed has constantly been evolving over the recent years - with the onset of e-books and rise of competitors in the business, many second-hand booksellers are struggling to make ends meet as they face a fall in the number of regular buyers. Before the advent of the internet, people often relied on books to receive information as well as recreation, this habit has seen a decline due to the modern-day dependence on online resources for the same. This replaced reliance and the changed demand have had an impact on the livelihoods of second-hand booksellers and the kind of books they sell. Owing to the preceding reasons, I have chosen subsistence of second-hand booksellers and the effect of external influences on it, as my preferred area of study.


Phase I


  1. To understand the impact of internet, e-books, rise of online competitors and changed reading habits on the livelihood of second hand booksellers.

  2. To explore the idea of sentimentality attached to the physicality of books as opposed to e-books.

  3. To treat book as a common object of culture and personal memory between the seller and the buyer to unravel the coexistence of past and present.


  1. Visual Observations based on Primary Research with focus on The Bookseller - his space, time, relationships and object of livelihood.

  2. Analysis of the interview with the bookseller to draw insights and direct the research

  3. Listing out the best suited methods of secondary-research for the chosen project

  4. The initiation of a narrative through visual and poetic iterations for Phase II

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